Who we are

"A woman cannot remain neutral in the world...
she too is set for the rise and fall of many." 

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat


His Own was formed by three friends who wanted to combine their love for Jesus, passion for music and desire to proclaim the joy of the feminine heart. In a world where women are exploited, misused, and misguided, we desire that our music and ministry will inspire women to come before the Lord as they are, to encounter His unique love for them, and to be reminded of the eternal measure of their feminine dignity and worth.


What We Offer

His Own offers the following events and presentations:



Kara, Maria and Christine share their original music as well as funny, uplifting and heart-felt stories about their faith, lives, and journeys with Christ in this hour-long event.

"Night with the King” Evenings of Renewal:
Two-hour evening of renewal for women involving praise and worship, original music, and testimony from Kara, Christine and Maria, as well as adoration and confession with the aid of your local priest.



“Picture Perfect”
In this talk, stemming from the current obsessive need to look and be perfect, Kara, Maria and Christine share about today’s battle against perfection and poor body image, and how they have each fought to find self-acceptance in the love of Christ.

“Why Are We Genius Anyway?” 
In this presentation the girls discuss the dignity, vocation and role of woman, as taken from St. John Paul the Great’s “The Genius of Women” and “Mulieris Dignitatem.” They include what makes us unique as women, the great power and responsibility we hold in the world, our uniquely feminine gifts of trust, receptivity and surrender, and how we can live authentic femininity.

“Give Yourself Away”
Amidst a generation that tells us we will only be fulfilled through our own selfish desires, Kara, Maria and Christine challenge today’s narcissistic notions through Christ’s words that it is in “losing our life that we find it” (Matt 10:39). This talk focuses on finding the fullness of joy through becoming women of service and gratitude, through learning to embrace life fully and love others freely in every moment, and to trust radically in the goodness of God, despite the circumstances around us.

"Be His Own" Day Retreats: 
Retreats from 9 am - 4 pm, which can be given at parishes, schools, camps, youth groups, or retreat centers. These retreats, for either girls or women, involve a series of presentations on how we can live fully as women of Christ in the world today. The retreat also involves praise and worship, adoration, mass, and confession with the aid of your local priest.


“Turn His Heart”
A captivating talk on chastity, which asks “what kind of woman do you truly want to be? A woman that turns a man’s head, or a woman who turns his heart?” In this talk the girls share their own journeys on why they chose lives of purity amidst a culture of promiscuity. They talk about dating, learning to love, modesty, second chances, forgiving yourself, and choosing to be a woman who loves in every phase of life.


“Meeting Jesus: Our Personal Testimonies” 
Kara, Maria and Christine intimately share how they each made their unique and individual journeys into the heart of Christ. They share their struggles and joys along the continual road of conversion, the moments of doubt, the tragedies and trials of life, and how they encountered the love of God and learned to trust radically in the His goodness along the way.


“Today’s Desperate Need for the Masculine: A Presentation to Men”
This talk, given to men, addresses the deep need for authentic masculinity in the world today. Reminding men of their irreplaceable role as leaders, protectors, and providers, Kara, Maria and Christine speak to men from a woman’s perspective, encouraging them to be the men God is calling them to be.