All About That Bass Or Grace?: Why Purity Is So Attractive From A Man's Perspective

You've heard the song.

And hey.  Being musicians we can seriously appreciate the beat Meghan Trainor's got going on.

But what's "that boom boom that all the boys chase" at the end of the day... truly?  At least for the boys that we really would want to be with?

We asked several guys we know: What's really attractive in a woman?

Their answer?  Purity.  Holiness.  Joy.

Here's why:

"Holiness is hard to come by nowadays and it stands out. A holy woman radiates beauty and joy which is contagious and leads me to want to become a better man."
-Ricky, age 21

"A woman striving for holiness draws the best out of a man. She calls out that eternal desire of man to sacrifical love because in her he has truly found a pearl of great price - someone not just to live life with, but a partner to journey with, to struggle with and build a beautiful life with. Holiness reflects eternal beauty and a woman who strives after that reality is striving for eternal and never-ending union and love.  There is nothing more attractive than that."
-Tyler, age 30

"Many women try to put on an air of confidence or sexiness to attract men. It’s a turn off because it’s inauthentic. Holiness is attractive in a woman because it allows you to see her for who she truly is… and who she is growing into as a daughter of God.  As men, we all want to win.  We want to be the best at everything, and we especially want to win the heart of a beautiful woman. Holiness allows a woman to be her best, and not compromise for anything. The grace and purity that she possesses from her deep relationship with God commands respect, and is desirable for any man who is truly pursuing holiness as well."
-Mike, age 36

"Holiness is magnetic. A woman who is holy is a voice of sanity and light in a society so full of noise and confusion. She is trustworthy and is guided by the Lord, which is an authenticity that men crave when they are honest with themselves. Depending on where we are on our spiritual journeys - rejecting God, becoming interested in learning more about Him, or pursuing Christ diligently and with passion - a holy woman ranges from intriguing and magnetic to an incredible and catalytic companion.
Purity is demonstrative of incredible inner strength and sacrifice. The woman who resists objectification, even when pressured both by the senses and circumstance, is highly attractive. A man will fall in love with her by attraction to her soul, her friendship and her effect on him - bringing him to become the man the Lord intends him to become. But not by asking or expecting, rather by simply journeying together. She is gorgeous in all the ways we most want deep within our hearts.”
-Gabriel, age 32

"Purity in a woman is an indication of how much love she has for God.  It shows how much she values her relationship with the Father, which will translate into having a God-centered relationship with a man."
-Paulo, age 37

“One of the reasons I find purity so attractive in a woman is that it shows her great strength. It takes a truly courageous woman to uphold her God-given dignity in a in a culture that seeks to deprive her from it.”
-Nick, age 22

"Purity is beautiful, not because it makes you better than those who are not pure, but because it allows you to fully love Christ. In turn that allows us to love more fully those people Christ has put into our lives. When Christ brings into my life the woman with whom I am to spend the rest of my life, I want to love her to the fullest. Seeking Christ through purity, poverty, and obedience is how that will be achieved." 
-Bradley, age 28

"Holiness is attractive to me in a woman, especially living in today's culture... So much of our focus today is that of the world and material things, we are off the mark and we've lost our focus... Therefore all the more does a holy woman show that her focus is on what's important: God and his will in her life... For a man also seeking God's will in his life, seeking love and holiness, this is deeply attractive to see in a woman today."
-Colm, age 32

"A pure heart in a woman is visible. No matter what physical characteristics a woman has, a pure heart gives her a glow that stands out. A woman in love with Jesus is filled with joy and that joy is the number one most attractive characteristic to me as a man."
-John, age 24

"For me purity is very attractive in a person because it is an attitude of a heart that has alligned itself with love. It is an inner disposition that allows for the person's inner goodness and beauty (one's deepest attractiveness) to shine forth and radiate out through all the person's gifts, qualities and physique.  Impure persons, although they may be physically beautiful, lose their personal attractiveness through their preoccupation and absorption with self. A selfish person has an imploded heart, closes off one's inner and truest beauty both to self and to the other, and can only see the other in terms of self-interest. I'm sure we all have had experiences of this. A pure person lives love and is open to the other, allowing one's inner goodness to be seen, expressed, diffused and given without self-seeking. It is a simple self-giving that has become a way of being. In brief, purity in a person is like radiant life-giving sunshine, and impurity is like a black hole that sucks the life out of all in its path!"
-Mark, age 53