Admire Someone Else's Beauty

"Admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own."

I read that quote recently and it resonated with me, so I wanted to share it with you lovely ladies! 

Too often we get dressed up to go somewhere and we're excited, feeling like a babe until we walk into that party and there she is..."that girl". The girl who seems to have it all together; hair and nails done perfectly, outfit impeccable, surrounded by admirers and poof! The air is all let out of our tires. 

In that moment we are typically faced with a choice: 1. To look at that girl, feel angry and jealous of her and to view oneself as nothing comparatively. Or 2. To look at that girl, admire her also and choose to be joyful that she is so lovely and to recognize her beauty doesn't take away from ours.  Too often choice number 1 is the option that is chosen. 

I was the only girl in a house full of boys and somehow in that midst of all the running and jumping wild testosterone, I think I kind of got lost in the mix because I don't remember being told very often that I was pretty and I grew up thinking I had no physical beauty at all, I would look at other girls and see how beautiful they were, compare myself to them and feel like I had nothing to offer in the way of physical beauty. 

There came a point where I made a resolution that if I couldn't be pretty like the other girls, at least I could choose to have a really good personality, to be kind and to work hard at what I did. Because of that experience, I never depended on my looks for attention because I thought it was pointless. For whatever reason I never blamed the girls who were pretty and I decided well  if you can't beat them, join them!   

And join them I did! .It struck me that we were all on the same team. As I got to know various friends over the years who became more like sisters, I saw how virtually all of us ladies struggle with much of the same thing. Few of us feel pretty in comparison with others and that was something that we needed to realize.  

Flowers are beautiful not so much because of their sameness but because of their differences. One's beauty didn't take away from the other. 

And for us ladies, the same truth holds true.  The diversity in our beauty is a really lovely thing. When Kara, Christine and I get dressed up to go out, we've taken to make sure that each other knows how beautiful the other is. We build each other up. We are "flowers" on the same team, realizing that we truly can admire someone else's beauty without questioning our own. We delight in the differences we have in our beauty and the gift that it is. 

So the next time you gals get all dolled up to go out and you see "that girl", instead of letting the air out of your tires, you go right up to her and tell her how beautiful she looks. Then walk away with a smile on your face.  Let the individual beauty that you posses, which shines brighter than you realize, pierce through those lies that the world wants us to believe. 

Go on. Admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own.  You're beautiful.  Live love.

-Maria Spears