Daring to Be Vulnerable

"But what am I going to share about?!" I exclaimed with frustration. "I don't have some amazing testimony.  What do I have to share that would even make a difference or people would want to hear?"

Christine looked thoughtful for a moment while Kara, always full of ideas, jumped up from the couch.

"Maria! You have so much to share! You can share..." And she elaborated on some things.
"I can't share that! That is still way too raw right now."

Kara, ever full of more ideas: "Well don't share that yet. Then share..."

And she touched on a topic that made me stare at her in disbelief, with an expression on my face that made Christine fall off the bed from where she sat and Kara collapse into laughter, as I literally walked out of the room slamming the door and yelling,"I'm NOT sharing that! Waaaay too vulnerable!" 

Two seconds later I emerged also laughing. I had absolutely been called out.
As the laughter subsided we all got serious for a moment. And the following conversation followed.

Kara began, "Girls, in order to make a difference, we have to be real, raw and vulnerable. We have to also share our struggles. We have to share our poverties, we have to share our hearts." 
Bam. All of us reminding each other to live lives of authentic femininity (a huge aspect of that being receptivity and vulnerability!)  We all knew it was true. But that didn't make it any easier. 

So here I am. Sharing with you lovely ladies the beauty of vulnerability. The beauty and the struggle of that honesty.  Sharing when one has been hurt.  Having those hard conversations that make you feel wide open and raw.  I struggle with it every single day.  But every single day in some way I have an opportunity to practice it. 

Just this week I had to have two hard, vulnerable conversations. But guess what?  I felt so free afterwards and even now I can see the beauty and goodness that is coming out of daring greatly in those moments.

Vulnerability doesn't mean we share everything with everyone.  But we share what needs to be shared when it needs to be.  Yes, we open ourselves to pain and heartache, but we also open ourselves to love and great beauty and healing. 

I'm learning that there is great freedom in vulnerability.  There is freedom in being open, real, raw, honest and vulnerable.  Even when it's hard and painful.  It's worth it.  And really, it's a birth place for love and growth and becoming the best version of ourselves. 

I still have a lot to learn and a lot of growth in this area, but at the end of the day we are all in together!  So let's live love.  And let's start to learn to open our hearts and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. 
Live love.


What have you ladies learned about being vulnerable?  Do you struggle with it too?  We'd love to hear your stories also!