Lent-A Time to Die

I hate the months of February and March. 

The joys of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years have all come and gone and we are left with winter: cold, gray and perceivably lifeless. 

Well, that's the way I usually experience it anyway. (Yes, I know, I should have been born in the Caribbean, Bahamas, or Hawaii at least!). It can seem like spring will never come. And then to top it all off, we enter into that sacrificial season of Lent. 

Lent. Oh Lent...A time of sacrifice and penance. A time of fasting and giving up. A time to come face to face with our brokenness, our weaknesses, with the messy parts of our hearts and our lives, and to realize how desperately we need a Savior. 

We need a Savior. 

The last few years have been very broken and yet beautiful ones, full of deep painful life experiences and many tears, but also incredible graces and growth. Many times in the middle of of those painful moments it has felt like a perpetual winter, a Lent that never ends, a darkness that won't ever be pierced by light and warmth again. 

But just as the dogwoods start to bloom and flowers start to show their lovely faces in those cold months and reminds us that spring and summer are not so far away. Lent and life also echo that same story, a story of death, signs of life and then resurrection. 

Jesus showed us that in the way He lived. He lived a life of service, of sacrifice, and of continual self-gift. Good Friday happened, but then came glorious Easter Sunday!  For us, we only truly experience joy when we model Him and offer ourselves as self-gifts; when we "die" to our selves. The weather mirrors the same thing. During winter so many things die, but they die only to have a beautiful resurrection of new life happen during spring. 

This Lent we want to invite you guys to enter deeply into this season of sacrifice with hearts wide open to Jesus. Letting Him come into those spaces in our hearts and in our lives to do "Spring Cleaning." Take these moments where we die lots of little "deaths" and let Him transform us and bring about great New Life for us. 

Lent can be a dark time, but we know that the joy of Easter is right around the corner!


Be His,

Maria Spears