New Years Resolutions, Losing Weight, and Dancing with the Lord

I’ve been working in the health and fitness industry for about 17 years now and every year it’s the same thing. New Years Eve comes and everyone eats, drinks, and is merry, then on New Years Day everyone is in the gym signing up for a membership, all the treadmills are taken and people are starting on all different kinds of fad diets determined to lose weight. Then comes February and statistically about 80% have given up on their New Years Resolution.

What gives? I’m no expert, but I’ve found that when we go to such complete extremes in any area of our lives we end up not being able to stick with what we wanted to. 

It’s true in the physical life and it’s true in the spiritual life. So often we can say ok! I want to lose weight, so we join the gym. We start the diet then something happens and we give into temptation and we eat that piece of cake, or we miss a day at the gym. We say we want to grow spiritually. We make all these grand plans of daily Mass, adoration, works of mercy, etc. Then something happens and we aren’t able to make Mass one day or adoration and in both of these circumstances we look at the failures and say, “well, who cares. I already messed up.”

Small Wins. 

Perhaps, a better way of approaching the New Year is to look at our lives and identify one area physically and spiritually (or other areas) that we want to grow in. Pick ONE thing that would help us to be more balanced that we could work on and start there.  

We don’t have to get it right every day in order to be successful in our goals or resolutions for the New Year. It’s more in the getting up after we fall down than it is about never falling down.  

I heard it said once that the people who will accomplish what they set out to will realize one step forward and two back is simply a cha-cha. 

So, this New Year dance with the Lord. Ask Him what areas of your life He wants to help you become more balanced in, then pick ONE thing in those areas to work on and be patient with yourself; trust Him, trust the process. When you fall, begin again. 

Let’s grow this year and become the best, balanced versions of our selves with His Grace.


Be His,


p.s. What are some areas that you feel Jesus asking you to grow in this year? How are you dancing with Him to grow in those places? What things have helped you to stick with those goals resolutions? We’d love to hear! We are all in this together!