Time to Start Living

Hi, my name is Maria and I'm naturally impatient. I've always hated waiting for things. When I'm at a restaurant I hate waiting for my food. When I'm training for a race, I get frustrated by how long it takes me to be ready/strong/fast enough for it. When I have a fun outing planned, I swear it seems to take forever to get here. I hate sitting in Nashville traffic, why do the cars go so slow? Why does it take me so long to get to my destination?! Geez! 

Some days I can feel like I spend most of my days waiting, waiting instead of living. There was something I remember reading a few years back and it basically said, "Stop waiting for Friday, stop waiting to fall in love, stop waiting for summer, stop waiting to be happy and choose to be happy now!"  

I remember sitting with that, taking it to heart and to prayer and realizing we can literally spend our entire lives in a perpetual state of just "waiting" for those things we want. Not that it's a bad thing to have goals, hopes, dreams, desires etc. Those are all really good things actually. But we can get so wrapped up in waiting that we stop LIVING! We can be so focused on the goal, the dream, the desire, that we stop enjoying or noticing the beauty of the journey.

Brothers and sisters, WE WERE MADE TO LIVE! I don't have the words to express how deeply I believe that. We were made to live, right here and right now, this moment. We were made to dive into it, to live it with our whole hearts, to be truly present. 

I also don't have the words to adequately express what a struggle it is for me to do that! Ha! You guys thought this blog meant I had it down now, huh?  Well I don't. I'm a very goal focused person. There are things in my life that I really want and I work really hard for. But there are also things that I can't control and that's actually a really beautiful thing, because the beauty is really in the journey. It's in the process of who we become as we go through this life, as God's plan in our lives unfold. 

The girls and I talk a lot about our vocations, our desires, how we all really want to enter into marriage, into motherhood, yet, one of the reasons we began this ministry (along with the fact that we felt the Lord wanted us to) was that we didn't want to spend our whole lives just waiting for something that we hoped and prayed would happen. Because the moments we have right now are valuable, they are precious gifts from God. 

Not only that, but the trend of always waiting instead of living seems to happen throughout our lives. As children we are usually waiting to be grown ups. Then in high school we are waiting to graduate, to pick a college. After college we are waiting and working towards that dream job we hope to have, or waiting for the right guy/girl to marry. After marriage, so often we are waiting to have a child, then waiting for the child to be out of diapers, to grow up, to be out of the house...we get in this perpetual state of always looking ahead instead of being present in the here and now. 

I share all of this because we are all in it together. Of course, you might be one of the rare ones who don't struggle with this and if so, please share your secrets! 

I for one, am just as guilty as anyone in getting into the waiting mode rather than the living mode. So this is my challenge to us-- let's start entering into the moments we are in right now. Yes, hoping and praying for those goals, hopes, dreams and desires, but truly entering into the journey. Let's be present in the moment with our whole hearts!


Be His,