Ladies, Remember Your Privilege

Two and a half months ago my life changed forever. I became a mother.

I’ll never forget the moment my little boy, Benjamin, was born. My husband and I had gone to the hospital at midnight because my water broke. At 38 weeks I was all too anxious for him to come! We pulled up at the hospital and looked at each other with big smiles… “When we go back home, we’ll be bringing a baby!”

20 hours later I was in the delivery room, pushing, so excited to see his little face for the first time. Out he came! A tiny little boy, 5 lbs 10 oz, with a big cry! My husband and I wept as we held our precious baby for the first time. It was truly a dream come true. But I wondered: do all mothers feel this way?

In our world today many seem to have lost that incredible joy of becoming a mother. We believe a baby is our “choice” and our “right.” Yet I look at my son each day, and he is anything but a right.

Ever since the very beginning of my son’s life in the womb, I felt him with me. When my husband and I were married nearly a year ago, we hoped we’d conceive right away but were open to whatever God wanted.

The morning after our wedding I had a very unique and profound experience. I felt the presence of another soul with me and I could sense it was a little boy. I knew in my heart that I was pregnant with a son. Imagine our joy when we returned from our honeymoon and had a positive pregnancy test! We were slightly shocked that it could have happened so quickly and easily, but we were ecstatic at the gift God had given us!

For 9 months I carried that little gift with me everywhere. I could feel him kick and move, and I began to feel like I knew him. What was even more beautiful… He seemed to know us! Whenever my husband would talk to him in the womb, Benjamin would kick in response to his voice! He was such a gift.

And now 2 months later, he is a gift to us each and every day. I’m amazed by the blessing and incredible privilege that motherhood is. God has fashioned a person—an unrepeatable human being with his own mind, soul, temperament and personality—and it’s my gift and privilege as his mother to shelter him, nurture him, love and care for him. Does it require sacrifice and discomfort at times? Of course! But we must remember that hidden in sacrifice is the deepest joy. I have never been so tired, but I’ve also never been so happy!

So many women fear motherhood because they worry it will infringe upon their freedom. They’d rather travel the world, have fun, enjoy their youth, and have a puppy instead of a baby. The year before I got engaged I went to Italy, Hungary, Spain and Israel… definitely an adventure! I had lots of girl time, lots of time to myself, dates, trips, and the “freedom” to do whatever I wanted.

But now I wake up each morning and look into my baby’s eyes, and I say to him: “You are my greatest adventure!” Being his mother is infinitely more beautiful than seeing the world or having my own agenda.

Dear ladies, remember the greatest gift God has given you: the ability to be a mother. It is not our right, nor our choice. It is our greatest gift and deepest privilege.

Thank you to all mothers out there who daily shape our society by the raising of their children. Your work is the most precious of all.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

Kara & Benjamin