Did Anyone Ever Tell You You're a Genius?

Hey girl. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a genius?

You may have never heard this. You may not see or feel it, but simply by being a woman, you possess something genius. To start, your female body can do exquisitely brilliant things.

I have a 3 month old son, and I’ve marveled throughout the last year at what my body has accomplished. My body housed my son for 9 months. My body gave him every single thing he needed to grow from a tiny embryo into a fully developed baby boy. My body nurtured, fed, sheltered, and grew a new person! It’s truly mind-blowing when you actually consider this.

Furthermore, since the moment my son was born, my body has continued to do incredible things! Through breastfeeding I give him the nutrition he needs (and at the most crucially developmental time in his life) all through my female body.

Even my husband stands in awe of the fact that since he was born our son has not even had a single drop of water. He has survived completely by a food produced by me! (What other food can humans solely survive off of, by the way? None!)

Ladies, our bodies are genius. Your body, as a woman, is genius. But even more, your soul is genius as well.

For example, we women have the inherent feminine gift of intuition. We can sense beyond what is seen. One incredible example of the gift of female intuition…

After a decade of the CIA trying to find and capture al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, a woman discovered where he was. She didn’t only use data and investigation for this—she relied on her intuition. It was her gut feeling that led to this discovery. Susan Hasler, a veteran who worked for the CIA for over 20 years, said of female CIA agents: “We have a special genius for the job.”

Women have so many unique gifts they contribute to this world. They also have so much they contribute to the Church. Just to name a few:

Mother Teresa who founded the Missionaries of Charity, to bring Jesus to the those dying on the streets of India. St. Joan of Arc who led her people to victory in France during the Hundred Years war. St. Elizabeth of Hungary, a Hungarian princess, who used her royalty and wealth to serve the poor. St. Gianna Molla, a physician, wife and mother, who heroically gave her life for her unborn child.

The Church is full of women who have helped lead God’s people through their feminine genius. Through their intuition, their sensitivity, their spirituality, tenderness, empathy, and even their feminine strength.

And now this world needs you. You have a task and a mission. God is calling you to greatness, girl! And that call is through the gift of your womanhood. The world needs strong, vibrant, joyful, holy women right now! Who know their worth, know their giftedness, and know how to live boldly and love fiercely.

You’re a genius. Time to start living like one!

Be His,